The Ideal Location for a First Stay

If this is your first trip to the city I recommend staying in Manhattan. It’s close to most of the action and will reduce the amount of time you spend on the subway or in a car getting around. I like to maximize my time in the city and staying in Manhattan is one of the best ways to do …

East Village New York City

Get Lost! Wandering the Neighborhoods of Manhattan.

I adore the different neighborhoods of Manhattan. They are brimming with culture and tradition. Some are known as residential or family neighborhoods while others are predominately catering to tourists, commerce or the arts…

Manhattan: Uptown, Downtown and the Places in Between.

I had a friend tell me once, when I asked where she was staying, that she was staying downtown. Expecting her to tell me that she was staying somewhere near Wall Street or maybe even SoHo, she clarified and said she was staying close to Times Square. Being that we live in the same small city, I understood her logic. …

New York City Explained: Five Boroughs

New York City. Brooklyn. Midtown. Queens. The Financial District. They are all the same place, right? So many acronyms…SoHo, NoHo, LES, UWS…where am I again?!