Hi, I'm Lora!

I’m the New York City expert and travel planner at Beyond the Square. I’ve been planning trips for NYC travelers since I retired from my first career as a Relationship and Family Therapist in 2018. For nearly 20 years, I helped clients who felt overwhelmed, who needed support as they navigated difficult circumstances. This is the same thing I offer to travelers as I help them plan their trips to NYC!

I often get asked how I came into this new line of work. Over the years I've found my passion and inspiration on the city streets of New York..and so I travel here, ALOT. I come to the city every few months to explore neighborhoods, discover new things and immerse myself in the vibrant culture. My frequent travels resulted in people asking me for tips and ideas for their trips…even asking if I would plan their trips for them. That’s when I started Beyond The Square, a New York City travel planning and concierge service. I now plan custom NYC vacations for travelers worldwide. From Australia to Qatar, Peru to Ireland, and all points in between...it's been a dream to grow my business in the US and abroad!

Whether you’re here to source information for your own planning or you want to hire me to do the planning for you, my desire is to help you feel confident and equipped as you navigate New York City. My hope is that you enjoy it so much,  you'll be planning your next trip before you've even left.

Want to know my favorite neighborhoods? Click here and here.

  • Special Diet (ex.Vegan/GF)
  • Food Focusd
  • Large Travel Party
  • Family
  • Limited Mobility
  • Celebrations
  • Holiday Travel
  • Adventure Focused
  • Budget Conscious
  • Layover
  • Luxury
  • Couples