Hi. I'm Lora.

Ten years ago, I stepped onto the streets of New York City and immediately felt alive. It seemed silly that a city I barely knew could hit my heart like love-at-first-sight, but more than a glancing feeling it has evolved into a dedicated relationship where New York City has been central to my heart (and travel) for the past decade.

By taking in most of the city on foot, I’ve discovered my favorite places to eat, stay and wander. I get giddy knowing that each trip I take I will experience something I haven’t before. I love how each neighborhood-often separated by just a few streets- has its own unique charisma. New York City has captured my heart and this website is a testimony of that. It is also my gift to you.

I invite you to use the information on my blog as you plan your trip or contact me so we can collaborate and I will create a custom itinerary for you. My desire is to share my love of this city with you, and help you to confidently navigate it and make it your own. I am certain, that with my help, your time in New York City will be spent experiencing it the way you want and that you’ll leave wanting to come back again.