I discovered this bakery as I do most, simply by walking by on my way to somewhere else.

When I saw the line of customers cascading out the door at Fabrique, a Swedish Bakery, I knew it must be something special. I was drawn in further by the rows of golden pastries filling case and the shelves stacked high with rustic loaves. If it all tasted as good as it looked, I was definitely in the right place. Also in the case were nut bars, raspberry cakes, chocolate balls and don’t even get me started on the chocolate cookies. They are unlike anything I’ve ever tasted before in my life (they are also vegan).

Making numerous selections!

My favorite pastries are the Almond Buns and the Blueberry Buns. But, the Cardamom Buns are a fan favorite and have even been written up in the New York Times. I’ve been known to buy extras to take with me on my travels. And, they do travel surprisingly well. So if you stop in, take some to go!

Blueberry Crumble Buns at Fabrique

Maybe it’s that I grew up with a Scandinavian grandma who was an incredible baker or perhaps it’s due to my immense love of butter (likely both), but Fabrique has my heart. I can’t think of a time that I’ve gone back to the city since this discovery, that I haven’t stopped in. They bake everything on site, in the back, which isn’t always the case in NYC. Shops are often outposts for goods baked elsewhere, but not Fabrique. It always smells just as good as it looks, from the moment you step in the door.

Fabrique is on W 14th Street, between 8th and 9th Avenues, in Manhattan. The service is wonderful and kind and they have a small indoor seating area if you’d like to sit and enjoy your pastry with a cup of coffee or tea.


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