When I travel to New York City alone, I always stay in a tiny studio apartment about a half-block from Central Park on the Upper West Side.

The neighborhood is filled with locally owned restaurants, shops, and cafes. I’ve rarely gone wrong ducking into a new place and sitting down to enjoy a meal. I’ve actually discovered some of my favorite places this way and Mille-Feuille Bakery is easily one of them.

My very favorite pastry is an almond croissant. So, along with a hot Americano, that’s what I order…every single time. And every single time I leave, I count down the time until I can return. Sometimes it’s the next morning, other times (thanks Covid) it’s well over a year later.

Mille-feuille is a small French Bakery that has three locations in NYC. Its original location is in Greenwich Village, adjacent to NYU and just south of Washington Square Park. It is here that I took one of their croissant making classes. It was a hands-on, multiple hour class that took us through each step in the croissant making process. It was taught by pastry chef and owner, Olivier Dessyn. Not only did we leave with a dozen fresh croissants (almond, chocolate and plain) we took with us enough dough to make a dozen more at home. It was terrific class! One that I hope they offer again post-Covid.

Their other locations are, as mentioned, on the Upper West Side and also over in Prospect Heights. Their pastry cases are kept full throughout the day and offer far more than just croissants. They have baguettes and artisan loaves of all kinds, cakes, cookies and an beautiful selection of Macarons. They have all of the French classics like Éclairs, Quiche and of course, their namesake Mille-feuille.


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