I have been to New York City in every season but my favorite time to visit is in the Fall.  

Over half of my trips have been between September and mid-December. The earlier you come in September, the more likely you are to experience the tail end of the summer humidity paired with warm days. This is my least favorite combination of factors. Heat and humidity. But, take that with a grain of salt because I am from the Pacific Northwest where the only humidity we get comes in the form rain (and lots of it). Those of you from other parts of the country likely won’t be phased by the sometimes warm, humid early fall days in the city.

The fall in NYC boasts the gorgeous changing colors of the leaves along with many sun-drenched days ending with a “golden hour” for unparalleled late afternoon vistas and photography. Rain tends to come in the form of passing showers, giving you an excuse to take in a matinee show on Broadway or spend the day Museum hopping. The closer you come to December the shorter and cooler the days will be. But the crispness in the air brings a welcome freshness to the city and with it the transition to the holidays which is so special in New York.


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