Travelers often assume that filtered water or bottled water is preferred to drinking tap water in a large metropolitan area.

While that could be the case elsewhere, it certainly isn’t in New York City. In fact, New York City has almost no need to filter their water supply at all because over 90% of it flows from reservoirs as far as 125 miles away in the rural Catskill Mountains.

Ashokan Reservoir with the peaks of the Catskills’ Burroughs Range in the distance.

An enormous monitoring apparatus is a critical part of New York City’s drinking water supply, ensuring the safety of more than a billion gallons of water flowing daily through a sprawling network of three pristine lakes, 19 reservoirs, and mile after mile of aqueducts and tunnels. So, not only is it safe to drink, it tastes great!

I recommend bringing your own reusable water bottle from home but if you forget, purchasing a single bottle of water at a corner bodega and refilling it throughout your trip will save you a bunch of money. A tiny bottle of water from a street vendor will run you $2 or more. So, save money, be kind to the environment, and stay hydrated by packing your own!


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