The city that never sleeps has taken a deep exhale and is closing her eyes.

Streets are nearly vacant, subway cars empty and many businesses shuttered. The rush of humanity has dispersed, hunkering down for the sake of selves and community. This forced slumber, though scary and unknown, is best characterized as a nap. It’s not the catnap that we’d like it to be but still, it is passing. Sadly, some may not be resurrected when it’s over: people, businesses, experiences lost. These are the heartbreaking realities of this unwelcome invasion. And, we grieve.

Photo: Truth and Love Photography, NYC

But the city, New York City, will rise. Although not soon enough, Midtown will be pulsating with pedestrians and traffic, Uptown trains out of Lower Manhattan nearly impossible at rush hour, and the lights over Broadway will shine brightly again. Until the city reawakens, I will stand watch and continue to share my experiences with you because to be sure, travel will happen again and there will be itineraries to create. It is a pleasure, in this season of quiet and near darkness, for me to share the vibrancy of this great city with you. Stay well, friends.


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