I am enamored with the Seaport District in Lower Manhattan. I knew it was special place when I stumbled across it several years ago, but having been back several times now, I can say that it really feels like a hidden gem in New York City. You don't hear alot of people talking about it, I've never had a traveler ask me to incorporate it into their custom itinerary, nor is it brimming with tourists. And yet, it has so much to offer!

Formerly an 1800s fishing port, the Seaport boasts sweeping views of the city skyline and the Brooklyn Bridge over the East River. This bustling waterfront with charming cobblestone streets and historic brick buildings, is home to many locally owned shops as well as the South Street Seaport Museum which offers tours of the vintatage ships docked in the harbor.

The Seaport District contains multiple piers with restaurants and bars. Pier 17 is home to The Fulton, one of my very favorite dinner restaurants in all of New York City. If you're looking for an impeccable meal with breathtaking views, this is your place! I've had everything from the ($30!) hamburger to the Longevity Noodles with lobster and devoured every bite. Pier 17 has several other restaurants as well, including The Greens and Malibu Farm which both serve an amazing brunch.

I especially like all of the open air seating available on the pier. There are dozens of built in chairs, benches and even some swings where you can sit and take in the views of Manhattan and Brooklyn. The Seaport District is one of those special places in the city where you can sit in the intersection of history, architecture and nature. It's the perfect addition to your New York City travel itinerary.

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